Silver-Straw Fear Free Album released

The day is finally here, and I can’t express it in words how happy I am.
The journey to this day has definitely had it’s fair share of tops and lows, but i can proudly say today, that it’s all been worth it.

My second solo album “Fear Free” is now released.
I wrote,produced,recorded and mixed the whole album in my one bedroom apartment in Stockholm.Doing all of this work by myself was really hard but also rewarding.
Because it was in my self imposed solitude that I really could bare myself and not fear judgement from anyone.
That is also the reason why the album is called “Fear Free”.
This collection of songs is a pure and true reflection of the person i am today.
So if you want to get to know me just download and listen to the songs.

A big up to my brother from another mother and long time friend Malcolm “Caribinghi” Clarence Höglund for being apart of this project. Love everytime my brother!
And a second BIG UP to my big sister Diana “Dayanah” Nanjobe for being there when I really needed her and blessing me with her beautiful voice. Love always sis!

The album is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD exclusively on this website. I believe that this music that i’ve created is meant for the world,so i give it to the world and the rest after that is out of my hands.

But i would really appreciate it if after listening to the album you could send me a massage with some feedback on the project.
Much love from you local dreamer!


(UG-Ras sound the sound of the world)

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2 comments on “Silver-Straw Fear Free Album released
  1. Cyrus says:

    Congrats silver Straw..great to listen to FF album…Thanks for sharing for free your precious music work…

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