I am because we are

Blessed love!
I’ve just released a new song that I wrote a while back when the longing for Uganda/Africa became too much to bear.
I sat down to write this song after being in a call with a cousin back home, and felt that none of the words I spoke had been able to express how much I missed him and my birth home Uganda.
But while in the process of writing the song I started to feel that there where more people other than my cousin/family that I wanted to say this too as well.
As an African son in the diaspora writing a letter to my whole African family.
That’s when I came to think of the well-known proverb “I am because we are”
Which became the foundation for the whole song.
I’ve now released the song, and as you might have guessed already it’s called “I am because we are”
I sat down this weekend and edited some private video footage that I shot in the beginning of this year while in Uganda.
You can read the lyrics to the whole song in the video description window.

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