Dreams mislaid, poems about life!

Blessed love!

I’m so happy and proud in this moment because i’m finally able to say that my big brother Cyrus has published his first ever book!
The title of the book is “Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life”
And that’s what it really is, a book filled with wisdom/motivation about and for life.

It’s an amazing feeling reading this book as i clearly remember the day he told me
about the idea he had of creating a book of poems.
For as long as and even before i started writing my own songs he’s been writing poems, so i could nothing else but support the idea to the fullest.
And now it’s here!

Please help me support my brother and also get some life motivation by purchasing the book on Amazon. The price is only $3.75!

click here to read a preview of the book.

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