The pearl of Africa

Blessed love,

I write this while sitting on my balcony in Uganda as it’s to hot inside.
I’ve now been in Uganda for about one and a half months, and loving every second of it.
Been planning on coming back here for the longest time (about 5 years) and can still wake up in disbelieve that I’m really here.

Uganda is my birth home and the amount of family members I have here is ridiculous, but being here this time around has still taken some mental adjustments.
As this is the longest time I’ve spent here since I moved to Sweden at the age of 9.
But with that said, I wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else right now than here, in the Pearl of Africa

I love Uganda!
From the crazy “boda boda” riders, to the beautiful landscapes.
And this time around I’ve been able to take some alone time and just discover my country again.
Here are some pictures of where I’ve been thus far:
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What shall be…


There is no better way to start this text off than with “It’s been a while”
It’s really been a while since i last saw the publishing side of my blog.
But the time away has been well invested, that i can assure you.

This year i’ve been on a discovery. Searching to find my truth, and then live by it.
Last year ended with me taking a long leave from work and getting on a plane to Hong Kong.
After a 10 days stay in the big city, i got on another flight to Singapore and then later Sydney/Australia.
My main purpose with this trip was to find inspiration. The type of inspiration that creates new realities. But i obviously also wanted to relax and experience new cultures.

When i got back to the devastation which is the Swedish winter, I went straight into planing the writing and production of the new album. And the other big step, quitting my 9 to 5.
I originally planned on collaborating with 2 producers 1 mix engineer and at least 4 artist.
But by a will other than mine, things didn’t go as planned. I ended up writing/producing/mixing it all by myself and collaborating with 2 artists, my sister and a childhood friend (Caribinghi) icon smile What shall be... uncategorized  %tag

I’m speaking right now on the other side of the tunnel, but i can truthfully say that creating this album has been one of the hardest and most meaningful things i’ve ever done! I’ve never pushed myself as hard as i did on this project. And i’ve never been as proud over a body of work as i am over this  album. I really can’t wait until all can hear it!

I’m now in the process of finding partners to help me release the album the way it deserves to be released. And that’s one obstacle that i haven’t torn through yet.

But in the meanwhile, here is a song about my present mindset:

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Freestyling on the street in Sydney

The last few weeks i’ve been traveling and seeing parts of the world that i’ve always wanted to see.
So far i’ve been in Hong kong, Macau, Singapore and now in Sydney as my last destination.
It’s really been an inspiring trip culturly and musically.

Here is a short video of me freestyling on the streets of Sydney:

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Working on the next album

My presence on the blog for the last few months has been kind of insignificant.
Which i apologize for!
It’s partly due to that I’ve been working on my upcoming second album, that I’m producing and writing myself. And a full time job. So all of this has really limited the time i have been able to put on the Blog.
But all this will change from next year, as I’ve taken a long leave from my full time job and will be able to put more energy into my music and website.

Here is a short video following one of the songs that I’ve been working on this year called “Make Amends”. It features my good friend Caribinghi

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Crested Crain Riddim Released!

Crested Crain Riddim cover

Remember – Silver-Straw (Crested Crain Riddim 2014)

Greetings fam!

It’s a truly great feeling to say that today is the day I release my first ever reggae riddim, Crested Crain Riddim!!

This release has been a long time coming, as I produced the instrumental a few years back with no plans of making a riddim out of it.

There has been a few bumps on the way, as expected of any project featuring various artists. But I couldn’t be happier about the end result.

Much love and big up to Caribinghi,Emmie and Hanson Baliruno, for giving their all and creating these hit songs, if you ask me!


Godspeed – Caribinghi

My Mistake – Emmie

Wala – Hanson Baliruno

Remember me – Silver-Straw

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Buy “Free up” on iTunes

Silver-Straw Free up Cover