Silver-Straw Fear Free Album released

The day is finally here, and I can’t express it in words how happy I am.
The journey to this day has definitely had it’s fair share of tops and lows, but i can proudly say today, that it’s all been worth it.

My second solo album “Fear Free” is now released.
I wrote,produced,recorded and mixed the whole album in my one bedroom apartment in Stockholm.Doing all of this work by myself was really hard but also rewarding.
Because it was in my self imposed solitude that I really could bare myself and not fear judgement from anyone.
That is also the reason why the album is called “Fear Free”.
This collection of songs is a pure and true reflection of the person i am today.
So if you want to get to know me just download and listen to the songs.

A big up to my brother from another mother and long time friend Malcolm “Caribinghi” Clarence Höglund for being apart of this project. Love everytime my brother!
And a second BIG UP to my big sister Diana “Dayanah” Nanjobe for being there when I really needed her and blessing me with her beautiful voice. Love always sis!

The album is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD exclusively on this website. I believe that this music that i’ve created is meant for the world,so i give it to the world and the rest after that is out of my hands.

But i would really appreciate it if after listening to the album you could send me a massage with some feedback on the project.
Much love from you local dreamer!


(UG-Ras sound the sound of the world)

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Silver-Straw – Fear Free Album cover!


Blessed love!

It’s such a great feeling to finally be able to present the album cover art for my second solo album, titled ” Fear Free”. The album was officially finished at the end of last year, but i’ve been making changes to it until the beginning of this year.
And now the only thing left to do is to release the songs to the world.
The official release date is on the 31 of August, which is also my birthday.
On that date the album will be available as a free download on the website.
Can’t wait share my new work!


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Dreams mislaid, poems about life!

Dream mislaid cover

Blessed love!

I’m so happy and proud in this moment because i’m finally able to say that my big brother Cyrus has published his first ever book!
The title of the book is “Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life”
And that’s what it really is, a book filled with wisdom/motivation about and for life.

It’s an amazing feeling reading this book as i clearly remember the day he told me
about the idea he had of creating a book of poems.
For as long as and even before i started writing my own songs he’s been writing poems, so i could nothing else but support the idea to the fullest.
And now it’s here!

Please help me support my brother and also get some life motivation by purchasing the book on Amazon. The price is only $3.75!

click here to read a preview of the book.

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I am because we are

Blessed love!
I’ve just released a new song that I wrote a while back when the longing for Uganda/Africa became too much to bear.
I sat down to write this song after being in a call with a cousin back home, and felt that none of the words I spoke had been able to express how much I missed him and my birth home Uganda.
But while in the process of writing the song I started to feel that there where more people other than my cousin/family that I wanted to say this too as well.
As an African son in the diaspora writing a letter to my whole African family.
That’s when I came to think of the well-known proverb “I am because we are”
Which became the foundation for the whole song.
I’ve now released the song, and as you might have guessed already it’s called “I am because we are”
I sat down this weekend and edited some private video footage that I shot in the beginning of this year while in Uganda.
You can read the lyrics to the whole song in the video description window.

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A journey to Uganda

Blessed love fam!

Here is a short video documentation of my latest trip to Uganda from Sweden. As you can imagine it’s a very compressed version of all that i filmed on the journey, as the whole trip took 22 hours.
The video also features instrumentals of unreleased songs from my upcoming album “Fear Free”.

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